The #1 Problem with websites today:

Up to 96% of your web visitors come and go without a trace due to a lack of personal engagement.

We have the solution.

By introducing yourself and
your business with a personal video,
you'll BUILD TRUST with your visitors.

Increase your website engagement
by an average of 42% using our
Attention Bubble!

Professional Sales Trainer Matt Easton recommends installing our Attention Bubble!

First impressions are priceless...
You only get one chance to make
that first impression--
Make the most of it with video!

In addition to an
AdKing Welcome Bubble,
we can also add an
AdKing Reviews Carousel…

We all know that “REVIEWS” are KING in this day and age, and it’s nearly impossible to compete without “social proof” in your favor.

Hear for yourself what actual users have to say…
Reviews for our Attention Bubble System:

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Attention Bubble system. —>

This video REVIEWS carousel can also be placed anywhere on YOUR website, displaying testimonials from all of YOUR happy customers, clients, and patients!

Sample Attention Bubble In Action

Get started easily with our
"White Glove" Done-For-You service…
We do it all for you while you
focus on your business!

Close More Real Estate Deals

Welcome each visitor to your website with a personal video. Lead visitors to take actions like view current listings, view a list of upcoming open houses, schedule meetings or showings. You can even create specific videos for specific pages of your website.

Book More Restaurant Tables

Share your latest dishes and special offers to promote your restaurant. Lead website visitors to make a reservation with OpenTable via our integration. Grow your email marketing list by creating a discount code or special offer and connecting our opt-in channel

Drive More Retail Store Sales

Drop an exclusive offer, show off your latest products, invite customers to visit your store or sign up to a promotional email list in return for a special offer, gift, or discount code.

Boost eCommerce Store Sales

Drive more sales with personalized video pitches that promote your products, share discount codes, and collect customer data to grow your marketing list!

More Exposure For Influencers

Take advantage of your personality and record a personal message for each visitor to promote your brand and products, or direct visitors to affiliate promotions.

We'll track your engagement analytics

Our built-in analytics show how many customers opened, clicked, and engaged with each video.

We'll customize your Attention Bubble setup

Add a unique welcome bubble to any page, product, or offer on your website to drive multiple conversion and business goals.

We'll keep your brand and website fresh

Easily record regular video content to give your visitors a fresh welcome and new reasons to come back to your website.

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